Rome Sundial 2337
Seasons Cycles - Solid Brass Verdigris
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    Seasons Cycles - Solid Brass Verdigris

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    Heirloom quality timepiece pays tribute to time and the changing seasons. A lovely Art Nouveau floral center is enveloped by the words, "For every time there is a season, a time to plant, a time to harvest".

    Matched with a Rome column pedestal, the Season Cycle sundial makes the perfect centerpiece in an herb knot garden.

    Solid brass sundials can withstand all weather and not chip, crack or rust. Individually cast in solid brass with verdigris highlights and a hand-rubbed finish. Two-toned finish gives this timepiece an aged look, while over time, brass develops a beautiful patina.

    Mounts to any Rome Sundial Pedestal Base (optional).

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