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Rome Sundial 1336
Armillary Sundial - Solid Brass Verdigris
    Close Armillary Sundial - Solid Brass Verdigris

    Armillary Sundial - Solid Brass Verdigris

    Item: sundial-1336

    Time band features roman numerals, star accents, beautifully curving lines and a timeless appeal. An heirloom to bring beauty to your garden for generations.

    Designed primarily as garden art, however with a few adjustments you can make the sundial more accurate.

    Polished brass finish will reflect the sunlight while the distressed finish gives the appearance that this sundial has been a fixture in the garden for years.

    Naturally non-rusting, brass requires no upkeep. Simply let it age gracefully in the garden where it will, overtime, develop a lovely patina finish.

    Mounts to optional Pedestal Bases:B18,B19,B26 (Shown Below)

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