Lily Flowers Rain Chains - Dark Green
    Close Lily Flowers Rain Chains - Dark Green

    Lily Flowers Rain Chains - Dark Green

    Item: RC-8202


    Rain chain features 5 removable segments, each with 1 lily flower and 2 metal rod sections, in a deep green finish. Large individual flower petals can be adjusted to catch and direct the rain water..

    Chain sections are removable from the bottom of each petal to adjust length. Connect 2 rain chains together to hang from a second story gutter or deck.

    Easy to install - included hangers to fit inside your gutter. Just remove down spout and attach rain chain. Or simply hang on a hook anywhere you want to enjoy the decorative look, rain or shine.

    This is an inexpensive alternative to expensive rain chains. The look is decorative and should give many years of use, but should not be compare in quality or design.
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