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Would like to disclose the following marketing relationships:

3rd party advertisements help offset some of the costs of running this website. Rather than annoy our customers and litter our store with banner ads and pop-ups, we have chosen to dedicate a sub-section of our site to feature sponsored product advertising. These are affiliate links to products and services that we feel would be of interest to our customers, particularly, merchants of garden and nursery products.

These links can be found here:

  • Affiliate Promotions Have Been Discontinued

If you purchase a product via our affiliate product links, we may receive a commission for referring you.

Product descriptions, images and pricing are provided by the advertising merchants and subject to change. We are not encouraging anyone to buy their products or spend money in any way.

In most cases we do not personally review any products. We do allow product ratings and reviews from consumers via a rating form located on the product page.

This policy is valid as of November 30th 2009 and reviewed annually.

Last updated 01-05-2020.