16" Side Planting Basket with Liner
    Close 16" Side Planting Basket with Liner

    16" Side Planting Basket with Liner

    Item: PC-B16

    Large 16" planter basket has a flat bottom and is available in a single or double tier style.

    Unique basket planters were designed to be planted on sides as well as top, creating lush folage impact without having to wait months for plants to fill in. Unlike typical wire baskets, the roots have plenty of room to grow.

    Basic Basket Planters are constructed from heavy gauge steel wire coated in black plastic and are supplied with removable clip-on chains.

    Liner holes accommodate 3" or 4-1/2" plants for sides and edges. Click comparison chart at left for size and planting details.

    Pamela's book "Instant Container Gardens" (shown below) is an excellent resource for tips, and planting examples specific to her basket planters.
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    Ship Est: 06/15/2023