EverEdge Lawn Edging - Heavy Duty
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    EverEdge Lawn Edging - Heavy Duty

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    Now, EverEdge is available in the same heavier thickness as ProEdge (2.5mm vs 1.6mm Classic EverEdge).

    Professional style lawn & landscape edging with easy DIY installation, this heavy duty steel edging is permanent and inconspicuous. Perfect for lawn edging, flower beds, driveways, or to contain mulch.

    Each box of Everedge contains (5) 3.2 ft. connecting sections with built in spikes covering a total of 16.25 ft. Constructed of galvanized steel, with proper installation, edging can be mowed over, eliminating time consuming manual edging.

    Add 6% to measurement for overlap.

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    • 2.5mm thick vs Standard 1.6mm
    • Lawn edging
    • Retaining bedding gravel & mulch
    • Edging walkways
    • Edging flower beds
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