3 Inch EverEdge Steel Landscape Edging
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    3 Inch EverEdge Steel Landscape Edging

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    Ever Edge is a professional style lawn & landscape edging with easy DIY installation. It is a heavy duty steel edging that is permanent, inconspicuous, and a masterpiece of English understatement.

    Perfect for lawn edging, flower beds, driveways, or to contain mulch.

    Each box of Everedge contains (5) 3.2 ft. connecting sections with built in spikes covering a total of 16.25 ft. Constructed of galvanized steel, with proper installation, edging can be mowed over, eliminating time consuming manual edging.

    Comes in 3 widths that can be combined for irregular landscapes. Add 6% to measurement for overlap.

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    • Lawn edging
    • Retaining bedding gravel & mulch
    • Edging walkways
    • Edging flower beds

    *Cor-Ten not available in 3 Inch Height.

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