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Side Planting Baskets

With Pamela Crawford Side Planting Baskets, you can create instant lush plant displays that don't require months to fill in and look great from top and bottom. Planters can be used as hanging baskets with included chain, or mounted on a column for a instant curb appeal. These patented side planting baskets are tried and true and will have your friends envious off your green thumb.

14" Side Planting Baskets with Liners


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16" Side Planting Basket with Liner


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20" Side Planting Basket with Liner


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Side Planter Basket Replacement Liners


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Fine as Rain Watering Well for Hanging Baskets and Planters


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PC Planter Column Kit for 4x4 Wood Post


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Swivel Hook For Hanging Planters 2/PK


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PC Basket Column for Large Pots


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