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Rain Chains

When it rains...enjoy a water feature! Rain chains add a decorative and functional element to ordinary rain gutters.Choose from several designs and finishes.

Types of rain chains:

  • Basic metal rain chains such as our Green Lily Flower, are least expensive and may rust over time. They are fine if you like the design and don't mind repainting or replacing after a few years.
  • Aluminum chains are better quality, light weight, corrosion-resistant and able to withstand years of exposure to the elements; the painted finish may need touch-ups over the years.
  • Copper rain chains are the most expensive, but can last 50-100 years, do not have a painted finish as they naturally develope a beautiful light blue-green patina over time.

8Ft. Adjustable Lily-Lotus Flower Rain Chain


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Gutter Guards - Rain Gutter Screens


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Replacement Rain Gauge Glass - WIDE Mouth


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