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Rome Sundials Bases

Rome Pedestals Bases are especially designed to fit Rome Sundials.

These cast iron pillars and wrought iron bases are available in several heights and finishes. It's just a matter of selecting the base you feel looks best with your sundial.

Rome Horizontal Sundials can use any base shown below.

Rome Armillary Sundials only fit select cast iron columns. See descriptions for details.

Rome Cast Aluminum Sundial Pedestal - Copper Patina Finish


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Rome Cast Aluminum Sundial Pedestal - Moss Green


In Stock

Rome 16" Tree Trunk Sundial Pedestal Base


In Stock

Rome Classic Wrought Iron Sundial Pedestal - Black



Rome Grapevine Wrought Iron Sundial Pedestal - Antique Finish


In Stock

Rome Wrought Iron Flowerbed Sundial Pedestal - Black


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Rome 19" Cast Iron Sundial Baluster Stand - Verdigris


In Stock

Rome 20" Cast Iron Sundial Pedestal - Painted Finish



Rome Cast Iron Sundial Pedestal Column - Antiqued Finish


In Stock

Rome 24" Cast Iron Sundial & Gazing Globe Stand



Sundial Pedestal B32 Aluminum - Antique Lead Finish


In Stock