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Sundial Pedestal Bases

A sundial without a pedestal is like a wind chime without a breeze. Of course, a sundial can be placed on just about anything, such as a tree stump, pillar, or other object. These bases are designed especially to compliment our Rome & Whitehall sundials and you can find recommended styles listed with each sundial.

Rome Cast Aluminum Sundial Pedestal - Copper Patina Finish


In Stock

Rome Cast Aluminum Sundial Pedestal - Moss Green


In Stock

Rome 16" Tree Trunk Sundial Pedestal Base



Rome Classic Wrought Iron Sundial Pedestal - Black



Rome Grapevine Wrought Iron Sundial Pedestal - Antique Finish


In Stock

Rome Wrought Iron Flowerbed Sundial Pedestal - Black


Almost Sold Out

Rome 19" Cast Iron Sundial Baluster Stand - Verdigris


In Stock

Rome 20" Cast Iron Sundial Pedestal - Painted Finish


In Stock

Rome Cast Iron Sundial Pedestal Column - Antiqued Finish


In Stock

Whitehall Roman Sundial Pedestal


In Stock

Rome 24" Cast Iron Sundial & Gazing Globe Stand


In Stock

Rome Stainless Steel Pedestal Base


In Stock